Benefits of Mulch

There are several reasons to apply mulch. Mulch prevents weeds from germinating, reduce
evaporative loss from soil surfaces, add organic matter to soils thereby increasing their mineral content and increase soil-borne disease suppression, and finally as shown in some studies (but not others), increase the growth of trees planted under them. Download full article as PDF

What are some application tips to achieve the best results with color enhanced mulch?


Prepare your beds first, make  sure you have removed any unwanted weeds or grasses, rake out any rocks or debris, then smooth out  any uneven areas of the soil to prevent pooling of water when it rains.


 Apply the mulch at a depth of at least 2" to help prevent   weeds from germinating and hold in water, once applied you can lightly rake across the top to level out any lumpy areas and give your planters a smooth finished look!


Remember attention to detail along the edges will make for a professional job!

How much mulch do you need?

Other tips to keep in mind

  • Be sure to  pull mulch a few inches away from the base of trees to prevent excess moisture around the trunks.
  • Lightly rake the surface of your mulch every couple of months to revive the color, this will help keep your colored mulch looking good all season long.
  • Avoid installing color enhanced mulch when it is raining. The  eco-friendly mineral based dyes that will be susceptible to bleeding until they have been fully air dried.
  • Wear old clothes and gloves when applying the mulch.
  • Avoid placing colored mulch directly on cement and other light colored hardscape as some of the pigment may rub off. Stains can easily be removed with Simple Green and a stiff brush.

Weed control

The deeper the mulch the more effective the weed control so with seasonal applications the fewer weed seeds that make it to the soil layer. Here are a few additional tips for weed control.

We don't recommend using landscape cloth or plastic sheeting as a base for your mulch. Over time these materials  have a way of surfacing through the mulch layer in unsightly ways and they prevent the beneficial soil conditioning of mulch.

In preparing your area, spray existing weeds with a weed killer like Round Up. For extra security you can invest in a bag of pre-emergent like Ronstar to help stop new weed seeds from germinating below the mulch.